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Sponsor Marie Forrest - Runner No. 3430
The Aids Marathon Training Program - 2003


My name is Marie Forrest. The last three years I participated in The National Aids Marathon Training Program as a promise to my dear friend who is living with HIV. It was one of the most important commitments I made in my life and it turned out to be one of the most rewarding.

This year I have made the commitment again because, of course, I love my friend so much and am especially thankful he is in my life! Further, after becoming involved with The National Aids Marathon Training Program I became increasingly aware of the needs of the people in our community, as well as all communities, living with HIV/AIDS. Many people living with HIV/AIDS don't have the family or resources to help them and can rely only on organizations like the APLA. That's why the Aids Project Los Angeles needs our help.

The Aids Marathon Training Program has encouraged me to search for meaning in all life. That the answer to the old biblical question, is yes, "We are our brother's keeper." And, in that respect vicariously, I too, suffer from HIV/AIDS, through the people I love who are infected. Please sponsor me in the The National Aids Marathon Training Program and help the fight for life of all people. All contributions go to The Aids Project Los Angeles and are a tax deductible.

I couldn't even run around the block when I began The National Aids Marathon Training Program three years ago. Since then, I have completed
five 26.2 mile marathons; the Chicago Marathon 2000 and the Los Angeles Marathon 2001 and the Honolulu Marathon 2001, 2002 AND The Vancouver, Canada International Marathon. This year in our fight against AIDS and to assist people living with HIV/AIDS, myself and some participants will be running the Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando, Florida -- another 26.2 miles! Join us if you can, and if not...why not sponsor me?

In order to sponsor me all you need is my name
Marie Forrest and my Runner No. 3430 and Thank you for your generous donation and please email this page to a friend from the link at the top of the page and ask them to sponsor me too and thanks again.

Marie Forrest

Thanks to all you Los Angeles Dreamers for your support.         
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